69. A Fishermen’s Net / Una red de pescadores

Hello everybody and welcome to a new episode of the Podcast.


  • fishermen (pescadores) / fishermen
  • net (red) / net
  • shore (costa) / shor
  • drag (arrastrar) / drag
  • tossed out (arrojado fuera) / tost aut
  • godly people (personas piadosas) / godly pipol


Jesus told a story. “One day,” he said, “some fishermen took their boat out.”

“They threw their net into the water. All kinds of fish swam in the lake.”

“When the fishermen returned to shore, they dragged their net out of the water and looked through their catch,” said Jesus.

“They kept all the good fish and tossed out all the bad fish.” Jesus said, “The fishermen’s net is like God’s kingdom.”

“Everyone wants to be part of his kingdom. But the angels will come and separate the godly people from the ungodly people.”

“The godly people will live in heaven with me forever.”

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