68. Two Miracles / Dos Milagros

Hello everybody and welcome to a new episode of the Podcast. Today I will talk about two short stories, the first one is about how Jesus healed a woman who had been sick for twelver years and the second is about how Jesus woke up a little girl and gave joy to her parents to have her alive again.


  • Jairus (Jairo) / Ye-res
  • Woman (mujer) / Wo-men
  • Towards (hacia) / Toords
  • Overcome (superar) / Ou-ver-com
  • Knee down (arrodillarse) / ni-daun
  • disciples (discipulos) / di-sai-pols


One day, a man named Jairus came to see Jesus. He cried, «Jesus! Please come heal my daughter. She is dying».

“If you would just touch my daughter,” Jairus said, “she would be healed.” So Jesus and his disciples went with Jairus.

A large crowd followed Jesus as he walked to Jairus’s house.

Just then, a woman pushed through the crowd toward Jesus. She had been sick for twelve years. The doctors could not heal her.

The woman believed that Jesus could heal her. She thought, I know if I just touch his clothes, I will be healed.

As the woman got closer to Jesus, she reached out and touched him. She was healed at that moment! Jesus stopped and turned around.

“Who touched me?” Jesus asked. “I felt power go out of me.” The woman knelt before Jesus and said, “I am the one who touched you.” Jesus said, “Your faith has made you well. Go in peace.”

Finally Jesus arrived at Jairus’s house. The people said it was too late. His daughter had already died.

Jesus said, “Jairus, trust me. Your daughter is not dead. She is sleeping.”

Jesus told everyone to leave the house.

Then Jairus and his wife went with Jesus into the girl’s bedroom. Jesus knelt down beside her and said, “Wake up, my child.”

Right away she opened her eyes and climbed out of bed! Jairus and his wife were overcome with joy.

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