40. Fire From Heaven (1 Kings 18) / Fuego Del Cielo (1 Reyes 18)

Ahab was still king of Israel. He prayed to an idol called Baal. He asked Baal to bring rain, but rain did not fall. The crops did not grow. The people cried, “We are hungry!”

The prophet Elijah brought King Ahab a message from God. Elijah said, “There is no rain because you worship a statue instead of the true God!” This made King Ahab very angry.

Elijah wanted to show the people that his God was the one true God. So Elijah gave them a challenge. He and King Ahab and all the Israelites marched up Mount Carmel.

Elijah told the worshipers of Baal, “Build an altar for your god. I will build an altar for my God.” Then they placed an offering on each altar.

The worshipers of Baal cried out for their god to send fire. They danced around the altar, but nothing happened. Elijah teased Baal’s priests, “Maybe Baal is on vacation!”

Elijah dug a trench all around his altar. He poured water over everything. Water even filled the trench. Elijah prayed. Suddenly fire came down from heaven. The sacrifice burned up. The stone altar burned up. Even the water in the trench was gone!

When the people saw what had happened, they bowed down and worshiped the one true God. Before long, God allowed it to rain again.


Palabra en inglés – Traducción – Pronunciación

  • Hungry (hambre) -> Jangry
  • Brought (trajo) -> Brogt
  • Statue (estatua) -> Statshiu
  • Altar (altar) -> Alter
  • Priest (sacerdote) -> prist
  • Dug (escavó) -> dag
  • Gone (ido) -> gon
  • Bowed down (arrodillaron) -> baud daun
  • Trench (zanja) -> trench
  • Allowed it (lo permitió) -> alaud et

That is all for today, hope you have enjoyed this class, see you next week. If you have any doubt, please contact me, I will be happy to help you.

Eso es todo por hoy, espero que hayas disfrutado la clase, nos vemos la siguiente semana. Si tienes alguna duda, por favor contáctame, estaré feliz de poder ayudarte.

And remember: … he answered: it is written, man must not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. Mattew 4:4

Y recuerda:… el respondió: está escrito, no solo de pan vivirá el hombre, sino de toda palabra que sale de la boca de Dios. Mateo 4:4

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